Believe it or not it is a war out there.

No it may not be fought with guns and bombs, airplanes, tanks and battleships but it is no less deadly.

There is a spiritual war going on - right now - and it is for the souls of men.

Groups and cults everywhere are vying for number one in the popularity stakes.

Many may think that this life is all there is. In fact it is in the interest of many to let or even make people think that. But the truth of the matter is that there is a piece of everyone that cannot be shot, stabbed, burned, blown up, bashed, smashed or destroyed - you soul!

This is the part of you that goes on forever. The piece of you that never dies. IT'S YOU!

God wants you in heaven and the devil - mad dog and sore loser that he is, is determined to take as many people with him to Hell as he can. To this end he has set up his counterfeit religions ........everywhere.

Mormons, Jehovahs Witness, Seventh Day Adventist, Scientology want the 'respectability' of Christianity. Some of the others are just out and out anti Christian.

The True Gospel is simply - Christ came into the world to shed His blood and die on the cross to pay for the sins of ....EVERYONE!. All that is required for a soul to be saved from hellfire is to REPENT and BELIEVE! Repent of your sins and believe on Christ's finished work on the cross.

Every other false religion has something else.

Don't believe that ....well check what you believe for yourself.

The vast majority of christians known to myself are .... Doing the best that they can in the hope that God will someday weigh their good deeds against their bad and let them into Heaven...and they also trust in Jesus Christ (Believing that salvation is by Faith in Christ...and all that you can do!!!!!)

Others believe that God is a God of love and that He will let everything slide. Read the Bible - God IS a God of Lovingkindness - but also judgment and righteousness - but most of all He is Holy - Thrice Holy! These facets or qualities are not separable, they all exist together, simultaneously.

God's lovingkindness is revealed to us through His giving of His Only Begotten Son Jesus Christ. Giving us opportunity after opportunity after opportunity to accept Him as our saviour. Getting SAVED!

God's judgement is deferred till death - once we die - we'll be judged - if you're saved (righteous and holy in His sight) then you will go to heaven. If you're not then it's Hell for you. Don't blame God for your bad decisions. It's a free choice for everyone to make!!!! But it must be made before you step out into eternity.

God's righteousness is the standard by which we are all measured, and the standard that we all fall far short of. It is also His righteousness that is GIVEN to us when we accept His Son as our own personal Saviour. (Ask and ye shall receive) And it is this which we NEED - MUST HAVE in order to see the kingdom of heaven. When a soul repents of their sins and with broken heart asks Christ to be their own and personal Saviour then His righteousness is imputed to that soul and they are as sure for heaven as if they stood in it at that moment.

If you're not on the right side - then you're on the wrong side - sitting on the fence is not an option.

Does your religion give you peace (that surpasseth all understanding) or the peace that needs to be topped up from time to time?

Does you religion depend upon Christ - the solid rock - or does it depend upon dusty old bones or corporations of steel and glass?

Is you religion like the friend that sticketh closer than a brother or does it only help you when in a certain place or reciting an incantation ?

Did your founder spend his life to support you or do you have to support you religion?

Religion says unity in diversity.

Christ said I and I alone am the way to Heaven.

Religion say toleration of all things a little of everything won't hurt.

Christ said resist temptation, separate yourself from the world.

Other religions call Jesus Christ...a prophet, an ascended master, a wise and holy man, but they still never listen to His words.

Christ said - I am God and there is none other - neither is there salvation in any other name, for there is none other name under heaven given amongst men whereby we must be saved. Anything else just won't do!.

It's a war out there.

Who's side are you on.

Are you sure it's the right one.

If you are what you always have been - if you've never signed up for Christ then sadly, you're on the wrong side.

If you will but ask Him to be your saviour and trust Him today - you'll have signed up for the right side and your name will be written in heaven!

Never take another day for granted - in war a soldier never knows when it will be his turn - so he is always prepared.