The Goggle Box

Q.Is it against your faith to watch TV?
A.No it's not against the Christian faith to watch TV.

Q.Why have you chosen not to watch TV?
A.Because when you watch TV you settle into a passive state of mind and everything you see and hear 'helps' you form your opinions.

Because of the amount of profanity, blasphemy, violence, homosexuality, immorality , drug use, drinking, smoking, occultism & new age that pervades almost every aspect of broadcasting and other media I have chosen not to subject myself to this constant torrent of anti-christian propaganda.

The things that you listen to, watch and surround yourself with not only reflect your personality but shape it too.
Experience a lot of violence and become desensitised to violence - Just another part of life.
Experience a lot of bad language and you will begin to use bad language. Surround yourself with immorality and you will accept the loose sexual conduct of today's age as normal - for you and yours.
The same for any of the forms of drug use. Drinking, smoking etc surround yourself with these things and you will eventually try them out.

None of these things are good for a person - none of them strengthen families or individuals all are designed to tear down to draw to the lowest level and make people feel good instead of encouraging people to aspire.

Watching TV does not send a person to HELL!
Not watching TV does not get a person to HEAVEN!
Only by repenting of your own sins and trusting Christ alone as savior (no other name ) may a soul be saved.

As a lost soul however indulgence in a lot of contempory media will make it harder for that soul to form an objective opinion of what it right and what is wrong. Only a subjective opinion can be formed and this based upon their experience - immorality, violence, drug abuse, profanity and new age.
Only a person that stands apart from these influences can see that effect that they have on a soul and form an objective opinion.

Proof of the Pudding.
For most people they can't manage to sit in church for more than a few minutes before they begin to get restless whilst the priest or minister struggles to get a message across to the congregation.
However thay have absolutely no difficulty sitting in front of a television all night watching and listening to violence, immorality, blasphemy etc. Ask a person what they believe - they don't know that forgiveness of sins is FREE. Eternal Life is Free and all when a soul repents of their sins and trusts Christ as their only saviour.
Most believe in do the best that you can do - God loves everyone and will let everyone slip into heaven regardless of what the Bible says!
Where did they hear that? - Not from the Word Of God but on TV - in the Papers - from the cinema - books etc. Popular media!!


The end result is a society that revels in drunkenness, immorality, profanity, blasphemy, drug use and anyone that says...
"I'm trusting Christ as my own personal Saviour and now I want to stop drinking, being violent, taking drugs and living an immoral lifestyle and become a good citizen"...
is seen as a troublemaker.
Can anyone see anything wrong with this picture?

Unfortunately you don't have to go very far to see the end result of a society that has gone down this road - look outside nightclubs on a Friday and Saturday night. Read the newspapers that parade a litany of beatings and drug related deaths before you. Walk through a hospital A&E on a 'party night'.

I'm not blaming TV for all of life's wrongs because people have the free will to choose to do or not do something. But when no other choice is shown or made plain - what happens?

Look around!

I have chosen not to watch TV because it preaches a message of do anything you want - doesn't matter the cost - you can blame it on somebody else. Tv and all it portrays has a willing and well paid minister for just about every deviation known to man and thousands (millions?) of acolytes. It has special effects and makes you feel good. It runs sermons 24 hours a day. There are always people willing to sit and be preached to.
Sadly there are only a few that care for their family, congregation and hometown the way they should. Iis it any wonder society is the way it is - and any objective thinker would see it the same way.