This is a new thing for me and I hope a help for you.

I have included a handful of messages from Bethel that you can download and listen to on just about anything - MP3 player, PC, Phone.

As storage permits I will keep as many up for as long as possible.

I have found that if you click on the links below that your browser should play the sermons.

Failing that in IE simply click the right mouse button on it and select the 'save target as' option for a download to your local storage.

God Bless you.

Bro Kevin Copeland

Romans 8:26 - Pastor Stan Cullen

Galatians 6:13 - Bro Kevin Copeland

What Went ye out for to see? - Pastor Mark Bradfield

Second Chance - Pastor Mark Bradfield

God's Grace - Pastor Mark Bradfield

Fight the Good Fight - Christopher Cooley

Born Again - Neil ODonnell

Luke 2 Neil ODonnell

Who Am I - Mark Bradfield

Caleb Thompson Dedication service - Pastor Mark Bradfield

The Past - Pastor Stan Cullen

Where are the Patriots?- Pastor Mark Bradfield

The Good the Bad and The Ugly - Pastor Mark Bradfield

Families - Pastor Mark Bradfield

The Gospel - Pastor Mark Bradfield