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Have you been saved?

Many people ask what this means.

Simply put - and it is simple - it means Have you been saved from Hell?

Every one is a sinner - it's human nature - and nobody can escape that fact.

Even the greatest of saints - Paul - called himself the chiefest of sinners.

Where does that leave us?

Well, the standard for entrance into heaven is perfection.

The reason being that heaven is a perfect place - no wrong doing no, secret sins, no temptation.

In order to be fit for heaven we must be born again. Otherwise we just wouldn't like it there!

Being born again, washed in the blood of the lamb, trusting Christ as your personal Saviour, inviting Christ into your heart, Saved - all mean the same thing.

We owe a terrible debt to God - ALL of US. And there is no way we could ever repay it. All the sins carried out by our hands or carried in our hearts - Gods know about and must be paid for.

The Word of God tells us that Only God can pay for these to the uttermost. Nobody else can, no priest, no minister, no amount of deeds and not yourself. This debt must be paid for.

What can we do?

Nothing I'm afraid - it's 2000 years too late!

God SO Loved you that He himself came to this world to make sure the work was done properly - to make sure the sin debpt was fully paid for. Christ himself did it all on the cross.

He didn't send His proxy, He didn't send his representative, He didn't send a second rate substitute - HE CAME HIMSELF, HE DID IT ALL, and when it was finished He went back to Heaven to sit at the right hand of the Father and prays for us and intercedes for us even now.

A man or woman, boy or girl need only accept that that finished work of Christ was full and sufficient for themselves and put their trust ONLY in JESUS CHRIST as their Saviour.

You WILL be Saved

You WILL be Born Again.

Christ will give you the indwelling of the Holy Spirit and you will be a New Creature in Christ - If you will but ask and trust.

He will take you burden of Sin and Give you His Righteousness. In that transaction you will be made ready and fit for Heaven as if you were standing in it right now.

My own prayer of salvation was.

Lord, you know I'm a sinner.
Lord, I know I'm a sinner.
Lord these people know nothing about me.
Lord, Please save me!

From that day 13 years ago and to this very day, I have been saved and no one can take it away.

Dear reader,
Just admit to God that you are a sinner.

Throw yourself on His mercy.

Trust in Him alone pay to for all you sins.

You will become a new creature in Christ.

You will live forever in Heaven with Christ, the angels, and everyone else who ever accepted Him as their own personal Saviour. No one has ever regretted being saved and I know that you wouldn't either.

Ask Him today - He's always there - He's alway listening