The homosexual movement has been gaining an increasing foothold in our everyday lives and whilst we believe that everyone has the right to choose what they do with their lives (as long as you don't force it upon others) we believe that the information (or should I say propaganda ) that they are acting upon is life threatening (physically and mentally) not only to each other but also those around them.

To this end I have - when the opportunity arises - been corresponding with the local newspapers here in the NorthWest and will be including as many of these letters here for you to view.

I would like to state for the record that Bethel Baptist Church does not hate anyone involved in the GLBT ( Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transexual) lifestyle. We believe - and the popular media bears this out - that many on this road give too much credence to the leaders of this movement and not enough to the medical experts who have to treat sufferers from the many ailments involved in the GLBT lifestyle.

To this end we are inviting questions from anybody and everybody with a view to having an open public debate regarding this issue. You can send them to me on the contacts link on the left hand side of this window.

It is interesting to note that whilst this has been an open challenge on this website for more than three years I have not had one challenge - seems to me that the truth always wins out.

We do not hate homosexuals neither do we fear them - so we're not homophobic (by definition) but we do care enough to warn them of the destructive nature of their lifestyles. Christ loved them enough (just like the rest of us to die on the cross so that they could be redeemed from their sins (if they want to)


The challenge is still open - please write!