Due to Arthur Roderick leaving the King James Bible and encouraging the use of other error ridden bibles, Bethel Baptist Church finds itself in the position of being no longer able to either support or recommend TEACH to any discerning Christian parents and homeschoolers.

  ACE- if you can get it from the States- is still a good option - and about half the price of TEACH's offerings.

We have come across a few more options for those that want to teach their childrens at home because of their concerns about the 'gross immorality' , bullying and dropping in the standards of secular education.

Home schooling is not limited to people who want to give their children a Christian education. It is open to anyone who is concerned about not only the quality of education that state schools are providing but also the quality of 'social' education that is also going on in state school.

Rod and Staff materials may be purchased from....

Anabaptist Bookstore
875 N. Pacific Hwy.
Woodburn, OR 97071

Christian Liberty Academy School System
001 847 259 4444