Bridge Ministry.

Over the past six months one of the men in the church has been involved in two accidents which could easily have claimed his life.

These accidents were the result of troubled individuals attempting to take their own lives.

This has led to the church praying for troubled individuals and resulted in a great burden on this man's shoulders for these souls...

Bethel Baptist Church has taken this burden for it's own and responded with an outreach on the bridges. There are posters and invitation and a phone number which anyone can call and we will render assistance.

We will bring the truth of the Gospel to whomever rings - and that truth is ....

Salvation through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the Cross for each person's sins is enough to pay for all your sins - past present and future....

You are not on your own - ever - the Lord promised all those that trust in Him alone for Salvaiton - I'll never leave you nor forsake you!...

Jesus Christ can give you the victory in ANY situation in your life......

Only Through Jesus Christ can you have the peace that passeth all understanding......

You can have a purpose that will keep you going till the day you meet Him as your Saviour, Friend and Lord.

This is available right now for anyone that will take a few minutes to sit and consider the Word of God and it's very real promises to them.


Even if you are not troubled by destructive thought - you still have a soul that Jesus Christ died for two thousands years ago. Please make sure it resides safely and securely in the Saviours hands.


Christmas Dinner.

Bethel Baptist Church is having it's Christmas Dinner on Wednesday 11th December 2013 at 7pm.

We will be having a meal - Christmas dinner - and the children have written and will be performing a puppet show bringing a short gospel message.

Everyone is welcome as our honoured guests.

We hope to see you there!!



Welcome to the Bethel Baptist Church Web Site

John 8:36 If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.

The IB stands for Independant Baptist - We believe in the authority of the local Church under the guidance and direction of God himself as revealed only in the King James Bible

We're situated in Northern Ireland about 3 miles outside of L'derry on the road to Limavady.
32 Mobuoy Road
BT47 3JG
Northern Ireland

Travelling from the New Bridge to Limavady - turn right after the entrance to Strathfoyle.
Then turn left on the Carmoney Road to go over the little hump back bridge.
Then Turn right to get on the Mobuoy road.
About one half mile along this road on the left hand side is Bethel Baptist Church.

Services are on Sunday at 11am and 7pm
Midweek - Wednesday at 7pm
Friday - Prayer meeting.at 7pm


BBCIB has the desire that the Gospel - that is the Good News of Jesus Christ shedding his Blood and dying on the cross to pay for each persons sin - should be preached to every person.

It is with this in mind that this website has been born.

A legacy in the event that the Rapture takes place before you can be told.

In the event that there is no one there anymore to pass out a Gospel Tract - to take The Bible (King James) and show a lost and wandering soul just how that they may know how to be saved. To show them that there is a God in Heaven that loved you and wanted you in heaven with Him - that loves you even though He knows each and every thought and sin you ever committed -and STILL sent His Son to take your punishment!!!

Now that's real Love.

But God is also the God of Lovingkindness, Judgment and Righteousness.

He can't have unrighteousness (Sin) of any description in heaven. But we are all sinners by nature and anything we do is tainted with that sin (Isaiah 64:6) That's where the lovingkindness comes in. By God's good grace are we saved through our faith in HIM and His finished work. Not of ANYTHING that we have done - Just Christ.

If you want to try and pay for sins it is too late -about 2000 years - Jesus cried it is finished!!!!! ALL DONE nothing to DO.

Repent of your Sins.

Accept the Free Gift of Eternal Life.

Live forever with Him in Heaven - You can know this 1John 5:12,13 and no-one can take it from you. John 10:27-31

Believe The Bible for what it is - God's Holy and binding word.

My kindest Regards

Pastor Mark Bradfield