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This page will comprise of hot links to various other websites.

The only reservation we have is that we cannot guarantee the content of all the material that these other sites may contain. As with all things that say they are of God -1 John 4:1 Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.

Believe the Bible and if any of the sites here go bad or 'funny' - plese inform us and we'll remove the link. David Cloud's website - an excellent Christian resource Dave Hunt's website - another excellent Christian resource This is an online Bible - very handy and pretty straightforward. A Good Source For Good tracts in many languages! An Website for Information on Seventh Day Adventists! Looks like a 7th Day site but actually informs about them A website for those in the cults - JW/Mormon/SDA etc - worth a look

Some Internet Radio Stations

This is a ministry of Galilee Baptist Church, Stafford Springs,
Connecticut. /

Faith Music Missions

Fundamental Broadcasting Network

Old Fashioned Christian Music Radio


WTBI Radio (Tabernacle Baptist Church, Greenville, North Carolina)

WPIP Radio (Berea Baptist Church, Winston-Salem, North Carolina)

WOEL-FM 89.9 mhz (owned and operated by Maryland Baptist Bible College)

Power of Prophecy website
The best King James Version Holy Bible study in print that I have found!
John Marshall Family Gospel Music

Upholding the truths of the KJV of the Holy Bible.

Source for Gospel Music. is a website with lots of information of interest for today!
Lester Roloff Ministries

The truth about rock music and hidden messages.  Listen to audio clips.

Holy Bible believers website

Christian radio

Listen to the Holy Bible online!

Get "Foundation" magazine and "Feature" Bible study guide from this website.

Christian website with the awful truth about freemasonry!

Trans World Radio

Paw Creek Ministries

Pacific Garden Mission in Chicago Illinois for the Homeless!

Christian shortwave radio station

"What the Bible says to the Minister"-a super book to read and study.

The authorized version of the 1611 Holy Bible

The "Unshackled" radio broadcast

The ultimate source for information on the apostasy of today!
Good source of information on the Satanic evils of rock music!

Informative source about the evil of mormonism!

Good source for wholesome Gospel music!

Another good source for good Gospel music!

Oliver B. Greene Ministries

A treasure house of information on the evils of CCM!

Informative Christian website with information on cults etc.

An excellent website with past sermons you can read plus more.

A Christian website that has lots of good Christian books.

Christian website with informative news that isn't in the media.

Dial The Truth Ministries

Thru the Bible Radio with J. Vernon McGee

Impressive collection of Christian clip art plus Scripture art on CD. 
Informative Christian website with information that you should know!

"Is Today's Christian Music Sacred" book by Gordon Sears plus others!

Christian Rock-Blessing or Blasphemy!

Listen to good preaching online at this exceptional website.

For used books at a super price go to