30th March 2020

Time really has passed very quickly and I'm ashamed to say I've been very slack in keeping this site up to date. Isnt it strange the things that ,ake you get things done.

Over the past nine years - Facebook and Twitter and Whatsapp etc have been the flavour of choice that souls have been using to communicate but even those are not suitable to the mission we have here at Bethel.

As a result of us recording the messages - we make them available on FB and now on the Website - under the Sermons page and also on CD becasue there are some people that dont have access to the internet even today.

This is not a trouble to us but we've also becasue of this taken the opportuniy to supply most of the folks on Mobuoy Road with a copy of the service and so far it has had a warm reception.

Make yourselves at home - enjoy the services - be much in prayer and Bible reading/study/memorisation/application. Take this wonderful opportunity to get to know the God that gave his life on the cross for you 2000 years ago.

God Bless you until we meet again.

10th August 2011

Sorry for the apparent miss on the editorial front - I think some of what should have been editorial has probably gone into the news page.

Given that I have something for you to chew over with me.

Why do 'men of God' compromise.

Of late there seems to be an abundance of compromise - in our private lives, in our families, in our church services.

There seems to be no end to it.

In our private lives we justify almost anything - it's harmless, I'll press the fast forward, it'll not hurt to have it lying around as long as the children don't see it, as long as the curtains are closed we can do what ever we like, I've been good all week and now it's time to relax!!!

Make an excuse, pick an excuse and that will do you just fine.

Why? From what the Bible says we are caught away by our own lusts. The things that we want or lust after is the place where the Devil puts on the pressure. He appeals to our base nature, our selfishness, greed, coveteousness, adulterous, murderous, lying thieving nature and unless we are (a) saved by the precious blood of Christ and (b) living for Christ in prayer in the Bible in Church the world the flesh or the Devil will always win.

In our families - we compromise so that we don't stand out from the crowd - we go vanilla - bland, lukewarm, dead spiritually so as not to cause offense and to acquire 'better' company and be more socially accepted. We let things creep into (or out of) our families. Prayer time, Bible reading time, discipline, church attendance, church courtesy, worldly activities instead of Godly ones. Eventually without proper feeding and maintenance our lives are back to pretty much where they were before we were saved!

In our Churches - Sometime I believe there are too many churches - too many unrepentant souls have too many places to run to instead of getting right with the Lord. On the other hand I think there are too few Gospel preaching Bible believing churches - uncompromising, preaching AND LIVING the full counsel of God's word. WE have too many Rev clubs. (No I don't mean boy racers) I mean gatherings of so called ministers, reverands and pastors etc that like to sit down and compare notes on how big their church is or how much better theirs is than every one elses!

The race to build a big church these days seems to take precedence over the preaching of God's Word. You know what I mean, there'll be not speaking about drink, immorality, living in sin, proer dress, blasphemy, service, tithing for fear of offending the congregation and some of them leaving.

A compromising Pastor will look to the things that are drawing the big crowds and desire to emulate that - football, video presentations, contempory music, chill rooms, lasertag, cart racing, even yoking up with other (heretical) denominations- all in order to get people in through the doors. Little do they realise that if that is what it takes to get people that is what is will take to keep them. The bad teaching of these organisations will leak in and affect what used to be solidly based souls causing confusion and spiritual difficulty. The word fo God previously preached in such a place will be undermined by 'NEW' ideas and teachings - Paul in Galatians warned us that these teachings and teacher wer to be accursed!!! - 2 Timothy 3 - to turn away from such poeple. Rev 18:4 - to come out of them!!! - SO OBEY GOD!!!!!

God is not going to be counting our success in this dead and dying world - he is and always has been measuring our faithfulness - our 'keeping on keeping on'.

The souls produced in such endeavours have been pronounced (by their own admission) to be weak, childish, shallow and useless as far as God is concerned. Think about it - when was the last time a child that got everything it wanted ever a caring sharing, obedient child- NEVER WAS!

God never once sugar coated sin or the cost of it. Neither did HE ever 'let it slide' - All sin must be accounted for - it is either committed to the saviour at the foot of the cross or YOU look after it. It just doesn't go away by itself. Neither did God ever sugar coat the salvation message - It's simple Romans 10 - Ask the Lord to be your Saviour and trust in Him alone to save you - you shall be saved!!!! SIMPLE!

Why do so many people desire the hings that belong to God - Glory , Praise, power, popularity etc They are Gods our master's not His servants. A good lesson to learn would be that from Isaiah 14 where the Word of God recounts for us the five 'I wills' of the Devil - the last of which is 'I will be like the most High'.

Friends it is God not us that sets the rules and everythings is God's not ours - let us remember this prime example of how badly things can go wrong when we try to BE GODS! It will not end well for the Devil and it never ends well for those that follw his mindset.

In the words of the song - turn you eyes upon Jesus - AND KEEP THEM THERE! Its very hard to sin against God when His word is rattling around in your Heart Psalm 119:11 and it is hard to be thinking stupid selfish thought when you are busy serving Him.

In one hundred years - all the things we did to make ourselves look good will be ashes and all the things we did to make God look good will still be standing - 1 Corinthians 3 - Save yourself a bit of time and effort and stick to serving the Lord - wherever and however you are called - It may seem difficult at first - Phil 4:13 - lean on the Lord and you will find the strength to do it!

Your Servant in Christ

Pastor Mark


5th October 2010

Humble Apologies - over two years between updates - I could give you various excuses - but I think the best one would be that the dog ate my homework - I have no excuse - between one thing and another we have been that busy with Bethel.

I suppose the one good thing about Gospel truth is that it never changes ..

Hebrews 13:8 Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever.

God never changes - His word never changes -
(Don't be using other Bibles - the good old King James is all you need)

Anyway we've had a few changes - a few have come and a few have gone but the Lord provides.

We have started a few new services in the week too.

A number of the familes in the church approached me about starting a youth fellowship and with their help we managed to get one up and running and it has been faithfully attended by older children from the church and a few others besides.

We also started a mens prayer meeting one morning a week and although the number for it have fallen away somewhat it has been faithfully attended by those who care in prayer.

My in laws are coming from the U.S.A. in a couple of weeks and I am looking forward to seeing them again and having my father in law Pastor Roger Hain preach for us a few times.

WE had our Kids week a couple of months ago - continuing in the theme of Lindy Anna and the Jones we had the 'Riders of the Fast Cart' and the children thoroughly enjoyed it although the craft for the older children was building a cart to have a race in on the last day of club never happened due to bad weather and the children wanting to do something else on one of the days ( A water pistol battle out in the church grounds - we never had any complaints though!!!!)

We already have the lessons and materials gathering for next years Kids club and I' really looking forward to it. Watch this space!!!

Well signing off now - will be back again soon - Honest I will - honest honest HONEST!!!

God Bless you and stay with the stuff!!

In Christ - Pastor Mark Bradfield

5th September 2008

Well, it's been a couple of weeks since our last update and a lot has been happening.

To begin with we had a good week in the town centre - handing out over ten thousand tracts (at our best estimate) over the five days. We invested in a couple of banners but towards the end of the week had to save them from a couple of lesbians that took offence at being warned of the destructiveness of their lifestyles.

The next week - commencing 18th August we had our kids club week. The theme was 'Back to the Bible' and we had on average about twenty nine children there each day. They all had a good time and the week following, one of the little girls that attends church throughout the year accepted Christ as her own personal Saviour.

We took an easy week after that to gather our wits again and now are getting back into the fray!

We have had some ambiguous news which should make us weep but when looked at through gospel eyes is in reality a relief to us all.

A number of 'missionaries' have announced their intentions to leave Northern Ireland and return to the States because of economic reasons.

We read everywhere that there is a recession around the world and yet we all seem to have plenty of food in our cupboards and freezers. Our clothes are all clean ( or could be) and we're not short of a few pounds to spend on our Starbucks and entertainment.

Some of these missionaries are those that have been preaching the false doctrine of Landmarkism ( Baptist Bride) others - those that have refused to separate themselves from the worldly churches and organisations on every hand for the sake of popularity and numbers (of souls in pews). The churches that had been started have been run down to nothing and yet still have pictures of full churches on their websites. Such pastors of such churches should be ashamed of themselves - firstly for preaching false doctrines and secondly for misrepresenting their work abroad in order to 'get' more money from their supporters.

Others yet crying poverty found to their shame that they actually had more money coming in each month than even the wealthiest members of the church!!
A member of a church stated that she didn't know how these people could come over to Northern Ireland and have all these 'activities' because of the cost involved.

Yet another 'christian missionary' invites the Mayor of Londonderry to open (again) his church and opens the doors of the church to cater to the orange men of the town. How does this church then intend to reach out to the Roman Catholic souls of the town after this? What astounds me even more is that only a week or two previously the Mayor was represented at the opening of the Gay Pride week in the town whilst Christians from the free Presbyterian church and ourselves protested! How do you reconcile the two? Having studied Pure mathematics, applied mathematics, physics and computers science to degree level - I STILL CAN'T - HELP PLEASE!

To a bible believing bystander like myself there seems to be only one reason; Life is not just as comfortable as it once was (recession) also the people here are not the 'thick micks' that the rest of the world makes us out to be and once we open the Bible for ourselves we can see for ourselves the error that is so plain in their lives. Why does this affect a Bible believing man of God - it doesn't - but when you love money, men and power you will compromise your testimony, your church and your family for it - in fact you'll do just about anything for it. And when the goose stops laying the golden eggs or the going gets just a little to rough, then they just get going.

One of these missionaries at the behest (and much complaint of his family) has left the mission field claiming that it's God's will - after promising all and sundry that he wouldn't do what all the other missionaries had done - leave.

You know what - in retrospect - maybe it is God's will - His people can certainly do without such compromising and money oriented characters 'ministering' to the lost.
One missionary has had it so difficult that he will be going home with nearly one quarter of a million dollars in his back pocket - what a tough life they lead!!!!

So we are relieved at last not to have the good name of Christian dragged through the mud and sorely misrepresented.

There are more than enough thinking reasoning people here to start and lead churches so if you are reading this dear saved soul do it.

Stick to the Bible - even if it hurts - and God will bless. Any other way is a fool's errand. Pastors - your pastor is God Himself - not any other member of the congregation. They are supposed to listen to you after you listen to God. Not the other way around.


18th July 2008 Ha! I'm betting that you all thought that my old "update once a year" syndrome has asserted itself once more - but that's not the case.

We had a visitor last Friday and didn't get around to our marathon computer web and blog update session. Still Bro Steve and I are still typing madly away on our keyboards getting both updated.

Priorities have been on my mind quite a lot of late and I wonder some times just what priorities people in their lives.

I've seen preachers thst have men, money and mastery as their top priorities.

The praise of men( or numbers of followers), money(self explanatory) and mastery (power over others)

There is usually a huge downpayment required for these and then you just have to keep paying.

Real love is normally the first to go. Not the stuff you see on TV or read about in the tabloids but the love you read about in the Bible 1 Corinthians 13 (charity!)

Hot on it's heels integrity comes next, with standards a close third.

Sadly this is an era that is producing far too many souls that have these as their guiding lights in the world.

I have come to the conclusion that it is a combination of an easy life - all the food, drink, entertainment and leisure - ,a lack of responsibility and a lot of very bad teaching in the home and in the churches that is making it all worse.

Persecution has always made the Christian choose between the world and Christ. Perhaps a little less by way of worldly belongings and a little more of Christ would help us to see things more clearly. Perhaps a little of the persecution we have read about so much of in historical texts would cause us to forget or look past the little things that seem to stop us at every turn and cause us to keep our eyes upon Christ.

Whatever happens maybe this current recession will give pause for thought and drive some of the less comfortable among us closer to God.

Lord help me never to forget what you went through here on earth, that you paid for MY sins on an old rugged cross and that many of my brethren from centuries gone by paid with their lives for the only things that really matters in this world - That you would be trusting in Christ Jesus as YOUR OWN PERSONAL SAVIOUR.

I remember reading nearly a decade ago about how churches would be going to the dogs and all because of one little word - pride!

It is pride in the preacher that wants God to bless the preachers endeavours instead of waiting for God to give us a list of HIS endeavours and then give us grace and strength to carry them out.

It is pride that keeps souls repeating the same nonsense time and time again - and then believing it because they have heard it so often.

It is pride that gathers the 'birds of a feather' together and instead of repenting of sinful behaviour and returning to the sheepfold (Christ's) it is pride that constrains them to keep company that will not remind them of their backslidden state and it is pride again that keeps them there.

It is pride that stops the lost soul from walking down the aisle, cap in hand, to fall at the foot of an old rugged cross and pray the God of Heaven for the forgiveness of sins.

It is pride that stops the christian from doing God's will in their lives because they think they have done enough by the time they get off their knees after having accepted God free gift of eternal life - His Son Christ Jesus.

We see this on every hand in the world - advertisers use it to make a living and corporations and institutions alike use it to keep up their images. However the Bible believing church is NOT the world and should not be beholden to the same influences. The only influence upon the church should be Gods Word. Not church ordinances, catechisms or any other publication - just the Bible (KJV).

When we get that established we'll be on the right track!



It's more than a year since I last updated the website and what a lot has been going on!!

I met the lady that the Lord had been preparing to be my wife. We were married in December 2007 and the past six months since have been a whirlwind of married life, fitting two houses into one and visiting in-laws in the US. We are only now getting back to normal life ( is that what you call being married) and it reminds me a little of salvation - if I'd know it was this good I'd have looked her up years ago!!!

The six months prior to our our marriage were spent in a a helter skelter of getting to know each other - finding out just how much of God's provision was in the two of us getting together and then organising a wedding.

Time now to draw a breath and pass on a few thoughts.

We see in this present day a multitude of groups that have gathered souls together that have similar interests. This is all well and good for the likes of hobbies and such but there is a disturbing trend towards people that are indulging in .... 'bad behaviour'.... banding together so that whilst they are 'hanging out' together that they are not reminded of how wrong they are - because they have so much other similar bad company.

It happens in churches it happens in pubs etc and it's not a function of what people like to do it's a function of sin and the indulgence of sinful desires.

Sinful folks hang about together in their little groups so that they are never reminded of how wring they are. Never being reminded - they never get convicted of their error - and never get right!!!

The sad thing now is that it's almost illegal to say anything to anyone about anything - unless you're talking about the weather - and even then you might end up offending Michael Fish (if I'm not too out of date!)

Here we are again in the mouth of Christmas and what a time we have had!

We had a great summer holiday Bible Club the children enjoyed themselves - so did the big children - if you know what I mean!!

Then we had a fellowship evening on the Tuesday evening that the rest of the world was worshipping the Devil - Halloween (Hallowed even). Some of the kids on the bus run even said that the evening the children had at the church sounded like more fun and that they'd be going to it next year - what a blessing!

We've had two kids Saturdays ( usually last Saturday in the month - give or take) and now we're looking forward to the week of outreach to the town of Londonderry/Derry/Doire/Maiden City (delete as applicable) from the Calgach Centre in the city centre.

Lots of things going on - prayer meeting in the morning - outreach just before lunch and then film shows of debates and Christian copyright free m aterials in the afternoon. There will be guest speakers every evening on the subject of questions questions question (you know the one people have) and the answer to those questions.

Everyone is welcome - please do come along - everything is free!!!! - my favourite word!!!!

you can check out the website here


www.3qs.co.uk The Questions Questions Questions website


Months have passed and you must be wondering what has been going on! - I sure have.

We have had a few interesting goings on.

Recently we had a stall in the local Tesco in Altnagelvin GIVING away Bibles booklets DVDs and CDs. We even put down ten pounds in pound coins to see if any one would accept a free gift. Sadly - just like salvation - souls refuse a free gift just because it's free. Remember friends that just because a gift is free to you does not mean it was cheap for the giver!

The word of God tells us in the first chapter of Romans that the Invisible things of Him are CLEARLY seen through the creation of the world and it was refreshing to see the little children - when told there was a free gift on the table - stretch out their hands to receive them. - The Lord did say to come as a little child - trusting and believing - didn't he?

We have also seen the anniversary service of SOLID ROCK Baptist church in Letterkenny - We had three preachers there and had a great night. There is a DVD of the whole service which is free for the asking.

FYI - we do have a fair selection of DVDs and CDs - copyright free- to give away on a number of topics - from preaching, singing, creation, prophecy and many others. If you would like some please drop us a line.

We are also looking forward to Dr D A Waite coming over at the end of March - Bro Waite will be preaching in Newtownards and Londonderry during his short stay. Everyone is invited.

We're also glad to be able to report our end of month Bible club was a great success for the children. This takes place on the last Saturday of each month during which the Children have a Bible story, watch a DVD, do some arts and craft and games and have a snack. They all thoroughly enjoyed themselves and are looking forward not only to the next one but also our annual Holiday Bible School in August. Details will be posted on the Holiday Bible School page as soon as we have the subject matter settled.

TTFN will be back again soon.

The Pastor


8th September 2005.

Wow! - Time flies. It's been a few months since the last update.

Had quite a few things on and a lot happening around and about.

We seen the Holiday Bible School come and go - and we all had a good time organising and running it. The children all enjoyed themselves and hopefully there was a lot of good seed planted.

We're still going and Lord willing the website is bought and paid for for at least another four years - so as long as there is something to publish we'll keep going.

I've been saved for going on sixteen years and have seen an amazing amount of things happen. Most notable is the fulfillment - not of Bible Prophecy (although that is happening right in front of us) but the coming to pass of various moral (and legal I might add) cesspools that Christian writers have been warning us about - well me anyway - for these past years.

Gospel Rock/rave no make that crave?!? - a little like alcohol free beer. The music is the same but the words are different. Alcohol free beer - the content is different but the taste is the same. An appetite is created for a thing that will ultimately do a person a great deal of harm.

Before you say - How would you know you old Bible thumper, let me tell you that I worked in a hotel bar over a period of seven years and I have seen first hand young people starting out on lo/no alcohol beer and other drinks and within a short period of time have progressedonto the real thing.


Anyway we've included a new page - from United families international about one of the most politically (in)correct subjects of our time - Homosexuality. It's quite a large document and may take a few minutes to download but please bear with it as it is filled with the results of studies and statistical research from the past few decades. It is not homophobic - it is factual. Read it and see for yourself.

The work goes on


Pastor Mark Bradfield



24th May 2005

My Kindest regards to all our readers.

Once again welcome to the website - it's been a few weeks since the last update and a lot has been happening.

Things are getting worse and worse in the world. Wickedness abounds on all sides. The news programmes and papers are filled with violence, tragedy and immorality and people it seems just cannot get enough of it.

Truly the heart of man is wicked and deceitful above all things.

Events are taking place all over the world that point to a soon return of Jesus Christ to take his children home.

Wars and rumours of wars, fill every nook and cranny the media can find.

Pestilences, AIDS the most deadly (and un-monitored) disease of our day runs unchecked through every level of society

Famines, not just of food but of the Word of God have probably done more to increase these problems than anything else.

Earthquakes in diverse places, They're happening worldwide with tens and hundreds of thousands of people on the death toll.

Perilous times, are upon us - Society is now a ME first, second and third and all the way down the line.

Men charged with the warning of sin and death and Hell have traded their task of warning precious souls for a career, house, car and two foreign holidays a year, greetings in the marketplace , empty (read) prayers and the devouring of widows houses.

The mainstream churches are closer than every to joining up - under one charismatic or Ecumenical banner or the other.

Never has there been a time more like today - never has there been a more urgent need to preach the Gospel - in season and out and for God's children to always be ready to give a reason for the hope that dwells within them.

Friends there is a way out - only one.

Listen to the preaching of God's word - real preaching mind you not the vanilla'd down stuff you get to make you feel better. Friend you have a fatal disease called sin and there is only one remedy. It is NOT - do the best you can and you might make it!

The Cure - salvation from this end - which get's everyone someday is only to be had in Jesus Christ. He Died on the cross to pay for our sins. His sacrifice is sufficient for even the vilest of sinners. His arms are open for any that will repent of their sins and call upon Him -and no other.

Call upon Him today and He has promised in his word that He will never turn ANY away.

That soul will be SAVED, SURE, and as ready and fit for Heaven as if they stood in the Presence of God and His Holy angels even now.


God Bless you - Don't leave it another day.


The Pastor

By the way - If you don't believe that Jesus Christ ever existed - check the date on you watch/calendar/computer. 2004AD (that's Year of our Lord) My friend you may not believe - but the rest of thew world does.

You don't think that God created everything and that all the creatures in the world only bring forth after their own kind? That is dogs have puppies and cats have kittens. Well Tesco, and Sainsburies and the pet shops stake everything on the very fact that God's word is absolutely true. where would we be if potatoes mutated into onions or cows began to have lions? The farmers know that God's word is true - ask any of them what their dairy cattle produce - milk and other dairy cattle. It's not rocket science friends.

Just a word or two on homosexuality. Recently I was concerned enough about an article in the Belfast Telegraph regarding the notion that a person that does not accept homosexuality as normal is socially dysfunctional, to go to their office in the North west to voice my concerns. As usual the press did a bang up job on reporting what people want to hear or what they want the people to hear - not what was actually said. It seems that they do not like to be caught in a lie and refuse to enter into any discussion with me about the purposeful inaccuracies in the article. Any way to set the record straight - the Bible and my position regarding this matter are - that along side every other form of immorality it is viewed very dimly by God. I've done no small amount of reading on the subject of late and discovered that the life expectancy of homosexuals and lesbian is drastically shortened by this form of living and that there are all manner of compulsive behaviours and the occurance of all manner of debilitating (and fatal) diseases is in the region of forty to fifty times more likely. How can we be justified in calling this an acceptable form of lifestyle?


3rd June 2004 Some times it's hard to decide what's news and what's editorial.

I've been thinking back on some reading I did a few months ago about the crusaders and their liberation of the Holy Land all those centuries ago. Most of the were bloodthirsty mercenaries that had a cross on their tunics - they raped, pillaged and murdered their way across Israel at that time in the name of Christ(?!). Steal their possessions (pillage), steal their life(murder) and steal their virtue (rape).

It's almost like those funny pictures they say contains an animal or some thing but looks like an explosion in a dot factory - you know the ones you have to focus somewhere else before you see the picture?

I looked at the way society has gone and somebody (or something) is doing exactly the same thing to us today. People kept ignorant and poor - comfortable depending on the state - devoid of any get up and go - having nothing and encouraged to stay that way (pillaged). A false gospel of do the best you can is killing more people than have died in all the wars that have graced the face of this planet and on top of that you can hardly venture out for fear of taking your life in your hands (murder). And finally the subtle/ not so subtle indoctrination and encouragement of our young people to experiment in all forms of sexual behaviour from a very early age has led to no less a destruction of the virtue of this present generation (Rape).

The only difference being that the army has not marched through the towns waving swords and guns but has marched through our living rooms, newspaper stands, cinemas, radios, billboards and shops and has produced and result that the greatest despots of our era would be hard pressed to match.

I also read in the Bible of Molech - a pagan god of ancient days (or so I thought) and how the previous generations of devil worshippers would offer up their young babies and children to be burned alive in the red hot brazen hands of this statue in the pursuit of prosperity, better crops - the usual things. I though that's terrible - but then soon realised that we still do it today.

Abortion clinics the world over give young women the opportunity to offer up their young babies in the pursuit of more wealth, prosperity, popularity and the mangled and mutilated bodies of those little children are..burnt in furnaces. Time has marched on but men and women have not.

There is an old saying that there is nothing new under the sun - the author knew what he was talking about.

Friends and Brethren - pray for the lost and then go and tell them that God Loves them and died on the cross for them. AND that they must repent of their sins an be born again - otherwise it'll be hell and the lake of fire for them.

God Bless you and I'll drop you a line again soon.

It's been a while since the site was last changed - my fault - but some good news. THe Lord has fixed it so I could go full time into the ministry. If you want to know how the Lord blesses ask. I'm enjoying the extra study, prayer and visitation I'm able to do and now looking back on it I wish I had been able to do it sooner. God is good and will provide your every need (not greed) if you're prepared to do His will.

Lord willing I'll be albe to get back to this on a more regular basis too.


Summer 2003. I was walking in Belfast today after leaving Bro Paul and his wife Sister Judy Forrest back to the airport for their journey home when a man stopped me in the street to ask for my support for peoples around the world because of war and famine.

I explained that I didn't have any time because of my current commitments and he went on to explain a few of the other peoples they supported - ie the 'poor oppressed Palestinians'. I asked him what about them? and he began to get upset about how they had been pushed off their land etc.

I reminded him that 55 years ago all things Palestinian were Jewish and not Arab/Muslim as the contemporary press would have you to believe. The Palestine Post was a Jewish Paper the Palestinan Orchestra was made up of Jews but after their Independance circa 1948/49, the names Palestine and Palestinian have been subtily hijacked by the arabs of the area.

He began calling me mad and dumb and raising his voice - much to my surprise. I reminded him who was raising their voice and acting in an mad/dumb/uncontrolled manner and said my goodbyes.

Brothers and Sister - friends and complete strangers - look up some of the history that is about you. Look at the picture being painted of Israel - see the same techniques being applied to America and Britain re this current war and you would almost think it a crime to stand for what is right. In fact take a stand for anything that is decent, moral and upright and watch as people paint you as evil, narrowminded, twisted?!?!?!

What planet do these people live on - what are these people listening to and watching. Of course people are going ot get killed it's war. But not one that the West started. It's one that was started a long time ago

Read the following.


If you want to comment on this or anything else drop me a line at - mark.bradfield@btinternet.com

The Behind the door book is still behind! I'm working on it and have all the information and am putting it together but it's a lot more difficult that one would first imagine to put a book together. It's in progress but first I'll be putting an article on Family Stores and Family values" together and publishing it here!